This open window has me dreaming
This full moon gleaming has got me feeling
Like maybe..
Soonish Probably..
Everything will be all okay one day..
That one day soon all this dreaming will transform into tangibility…
Something Real..
This cold breeze allows my mind to drift
Almost As if..
The breeze slowly clears away the mist
That has distorted my vision…
So I dream
I dream of simplicity..
Good versus evil, heroism destroying villainy.
A simple city
Where love is all that matters
Where he gets the girl and happily ever afters..
Where flies don’t revolve around the heads of starving kids
Where the children aren’t afraid to just…
Where if we are hungry we just eat,
thirsty we just drink..
No worries about the next meal if we want it we just blink..
Where the words stressed and depressed
Have never existed
Where every word is fact..the truth never twisted..
This open window has me so lifted
Almost intoxicated
To a point where my mind omitted
The fact that I stand
On a weak chair, with my hand..
Gripping a noose around my neck
So in this state… I take a step…….

(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2008)



  1. you rock V 🙂

  2. i like the pictures

  3. Thank you

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