May I have ur attention for a couple of seconds…
Maybe minutes..
Depends on how long it takes ur pupils to finish..
Transporting these words I’ve written
From your screen to your left temporal lobe.
Hip hop..
Not your money, cash, hoes…
Nine bullets through my clothes..
Rented gaudy chain with diamonds from lord knows where over the gold.
No crack rocks have lived in my socks..
Nah…I tell a lie!
But that there is a life i wouldn’t glorify
See words are too powerful to try and let some ignorance fly..
out my mouth in front of these children’s ears and eyes.
now these children, lacking guidance at home
Find role models in the same twat spitting ignorance blarring out the back of the bus out the back of their mobile phones.
So I sit….pen in hand…
Beats lined up… tracklist already history planned..
They already expecting a classic.. blockbuster smash hit..
comparing me to that and this…and this is before they even hear my shhhh..
Quiet people..
simple thing is I’m SCARED.. nowadays you only get one single.
One bullet
One arrow
One stone to slay Goliath
shame my name isnt David!
but I’m more afraid of not trying than not making it.
so I loosen my grip of the ledge and take my last look from the top
the crowd is gathering.. they’re all waiting for the drop!
All I have
All I can give on this album coming soon is me…
hope you guys reach out and catch me before I hit the street..
Please dont let me fall… I’m allergic to concrete!


(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2008)


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