They called him black and ugly
A nappy haired jungle monkey
Unworthy of a place on the same earth as we“.
School days all the same
Lord It woulda been a shame
If All the names thrown his way became….
A definition of his life’s tone
But His mother taught him about the sticks and stones
And how to trace his bloodline back to thrones.
She knew it was a king she’d born!
So she named her son…
which in Yoruba means
my wealth has come!
So he grows up with pride
Knowing his worth inside
The bullies tried to bring him down
But defiant he would glide!
With a bookbag full of comics
A head full of dreams
A notepad full of words
and a walkman in the back pocket of his jeans
He flew far and fast through time
And in time
his time
to shine became the present day
No longer a future maybe…
Today he fulfils his destiny.

Good morning!

(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2008)


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