Looking in the mirror, I blink once and shiver,

The reflection in the shiny silver frame is a stranger.

Same features as me.. but his eyes unfamiliar..

Burning with a desire for murder, his stare heats my head like a fever..

I blink twice and its me again,

Dismiss the thought of the stranger, put it down to too much juice and gin,

Pull the sheets off the bed, slip in and tuck myself in..

Fade 2 black, Fade 2 sleep,

For like five minutes..then…a creak..

Fling myself out my sheets

Senses peaked!

I creep towards the corridor,

I reach for the baseball bat behind the chest of drawers..

Slowly enter the living room,


Empty, apart from the dull glow of the television.


I didn’t leave this bloody thing on?!

dismiss the thought….

can’t get caught up in this here

turn of the idiot box, then a voice bangs the drum in my ear..

“it took you long enough..been waiting for you to come down!”

I spin around,

facing a full length mirror now..

but the reflection is not quite me somehow..

the stranger returns,

his stare more burns,

with an intensity that threatens to put my soul in an urn

he calls me “worm”

says “weak you are!”

“you have had 20 something years and look at who you are?!”

“Mr nice guy aka everybody doormat,

I’m here to upgrade you..reset..replace your format!”

with that…. He reaches out from the reflection

next thing i know…

I am nothing BUT the reflection

He is free

He is Me


THE END?…………..

(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2007)


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