I’m Constantly mourning the demise of the love in the eyes of rappers artists worldwide.
See we all heard her cry..
She shouts!
“My shoulders aren’t strong enough to carry these lies!”
But we were too busy cranking and snapping and screaming
‘T T T This is why we hot!!!’
To see her die
Too busy to save H.E.R..
Too busy writing blogs and emails
Bout first weeks sales..
Like WE work for labels.
Now the bell tolls 4 her!
She’s sprung too many leaks
Bleeding albums on the street.
From the cuts the net gave her
Passed from peer to peer
Z-shared and gangraped her
Right in front of her makers
Then killed a couple of her seeds premature
Its Nahright from Stack bundles right back to Shakur.
How many Biggies need 2 occur


Or do you prefer


A world of Soulja Bois trying to superman her?

Personally my Eardrum Desires Food & Liquor
So I can aid her Graduation to at last Finding Forever.

(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2007)


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