“I’m leaving!”

Last words I utter before I turn my back on her this evening

She says nothing, watching me walking..

Out the door I pace, thoughts race…

Thoughts like..I hate this bitch,

Why did I waste so much time on her..

Could have been some where hustling getting rich

Sure her warm embrace kept me off the streets..

But at times it made me 2 damn weak,

2 Preoccupied with thoughts of her,

her name forever on my lips as I speak


she turned me out like an ice cold pimp,turning tricks for her,

all my cash spent on her,would do and have done everything for her….

FUCK her!

My family, my friends all warned me bout her..

But then again whenever shes around…

they love her 2..I’m screwed,

I’m hooked like pookie in new jack,

or the character in dave chappelle’s show

Screaming did I miss the free crack?

..My steps slow down to a pause..

5 minutes away from her.. and I need her back…

turn on my heels and race back…

open the door and there she stands smiling


she owns my soul and I aint never leaving

dat my love will never stop…

damn I hate/love this bitch named hip hop!


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