10:30am plus 60seconds

I wake up….

Actually scrap that…I open my eyes up

because I’ve bin awake for at least an hour but was 2 scared to get up.

Called work up, told them today I wouldn’t show up,

Lied that I threw up, coughed up some stuff Same colour as Santa’s suit top.

Waking up is hard since you got up, packed up, left off..

Cus I fucked up!

See when I’m asleep I dream of when we hooked up,

Holidays together where we lived it up.

Moments where u slapped me up, when I talked shit about giving this music up.

But when the daylight hits my eyes,

it exposes the empty truth,

The empty bed,

The empty side of the wardrobe behind my suits,

The empty side of my soul now my heart broke and cant recoup.

Hit the half empty fridge, pick up a half empty bottle of Heineken..

Look at the time, its only half past ten am…

Drink up and reach in the fridge again..

Pop another bottle, it seems to numb the pain that’s so awful,

Mobile rings again…run up the stairs it might be you,

Thoughts racing, what can I say to you,

to convince you,

that me and you,Need to return to we…

Pick up the Motorola v3 just to see….

Just another call from sum friend who’s worried bout me..

Because this is day 3 since you left

And day 3 since I’ve left….

My House,

and now its looking like my life…

It’s a mess!

Should I type you another txt to add 2 the 1 hundred you haven’t replied yet?

Look at the time again …10.31 am

Fuck it I’m going back 2 sleep again…



  1. I love this one.

    Funny, i’ve never been a ‘villain’ but i relate.

    Intersting ‘pop another bottle’ (…) ‘i’m going back to sleeep again’. Deep

  2. Im glad its not just me…as you just described my day today….my sleep happened by 2 though after the mandetory I havnt heard from you in 2 months wahgwan calls…hope your days are moving quicker

  3. Days are flying by now..
    A bit too quickly for my liking.. haven’t had the opportunity to “feel” for a while..
    Hope you find that balance in time that comes with Getting over or past.

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