“I’m leaving!”

Last words I utter before I turn my back on her this evening

She says nothing, watching me walking..

Out the door I pace, thoughts race…

Thoughts like..I hate this bitch, Continue reading


10:30am plus 60seconds

I wake up….

Actually scrap that…I open my eyes up

because I’ve bin awake for at least an hour but was 2 scared to get up.

Called work up, told them today I wouldn’t show up,

Lied that I threw up, coughed up some stuff Same colour as Santa’s suit top.

Waking up is hard since you got up, packed up, left off..

Cus I fucked up! Continue reading


I was Born with wax wings on a cloud to close to the sun,

trapped on this fragile platform which grows smaller as the days go on,

sooner or later I’ll have to risk flying, trying to fight the fear ov falling, crashing and burning..

the sun’s daring me to take flight.. my fright amuses him..

his smile widens increasing the temperature…glaring at my wings knowing at sum point he will win.. Continue reading


When you can’t find me elsewhere..

welcome to the inside of my head.. enjoy or be afraid…

your choice..maybe mine..


Mr Smith.